DS Series

On-rail ration dispenser

  • Length: 72 to 96 in

    Height: 64 in

    Width: 32 to 48 in

    Capacity: 29 to 67 ft3

DS Series

The ration distributor that fits to all the farms

Whether it is for a mixture of total mixed rations (TMR) or just for forages, the DS ration dispenser is able to dispense them efficiently. Feeding can also be managed by park or by stall. By distributing the ration at fixed times and with precise quantities, it is possible to optimize the milk production of cows. If you own a stationary blender, the DS is the perfect complement to your feeding system. The DS is also able to pick up forage directly from a storage unit or silo using a compatible control panel. The AgroCom V2 gateway (optional), may inform you in real time of any problems that your DS may encounter by the sending of alarms. You can even connect remotely to see the status of your concentrate dispenser and change some settings if needed.

Advantages and benefits


Remote connection made possible by the AgroCom V2 gateway (optional)


6 formats available


Possibility of installing boosters to increase the capacity of the dispenser


Distribution by park and stall


Optional direct feed compartments (top dress)

DS Series - RTM Distributor / Silage

Technical features

  • 1 to 8 foods
  • Up to 3 direct feed hoppers (top dress)
  • 7 ” touch screen
  • Automatic data backup on SD card
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Capacity of 300 cows and 300 stalls
  • Possibility of 16 meals per day
  • Feed curve with 2 variations
  • Possibility of installing boosters to increase the capacity of the dispenser
  • Distribution with conveyor to distribute on 2 sides
  • 24VDC power supply
  • 4x 6V AGM batteries

Warranty and after-sales service

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Excluded: wear and tear related to abuse. Some conditions apply.
  • Technical support is offered locally by your Agro Contact dealer

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