30 '' Magnetic Strip Guided Feed Pusher

  • 30 '' Magnetic Strip Guided Feed Pusher

  • Diameter 30in (76cm)

    Height 35in (89 cm)

    Weight 1170 lbs (531 kg


The all-purpose forage repeller

The RF30 feed pusher can bring nearer food refusals independently. hanks to its small size (30″ in diameter), it can fit in almost any barn. With scheduled departures, it is possible to keep the feeding area cleaner. In addition, the ration already distributed is postponed to keep it accessible to the animals. In some cases, this can reduce refusals and increase palatability. The autonomous system can operate according to pre-programmed times on one of the two available circuits. A smart charger located on the wall allows the batteries to be recharged during off-time.

Advantages and benefits


Frees up your time


Increases milk production


Reduces feed costs


Keeps your alleys clean


Prevents injury to animals


Reliable movement under all conditions


Technical features

  • Motorised tub spinning on both sides
  • Spring loaded tub ensure constant contact with the floor
  • Safety stop thanks to electronic bumper
  • Powered with 24VDC
  • 2x 12V LiFePo4 Batteries
  • 48 departures per circuits
  • 2 circuits (Left or right)
  • 25A 120V Smart Battery Charger
  • 3 Colors beacon light for the state of the machine
  • Charging strips and bumper are electrified


  • Diameter 30 in / 7 6 cm
  • Height 35 in / 90cm
  • Weight : 1170 lbs / 530 kg


  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Excluded: wear and tear related to abuse. Some conditions apply.
  • Technical support is offered locally by your Agro Contact dealer

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