SM Series

On-rail RTM distributor and feeder

  • Length: 107 to 120 in

    Height: 72.5 in

    Width: 36 to 56 in

    Capacity : 43 to 95 ft3

SM Series

The proven distributor and mixer

For more than 30 years, SM has helped agricultural businesses distribute a freshly prepared ration to dairy cows. Using an electrified rail, the SM prepares a ration which it distributes immediately. Tumble mixing allows a homogeneous mixture without breaking the forages fiber. The fully electric system keeps maintenance to a minimum.

The AgroCom V2 ready wall panel will inform you in real time of any problems that your SM may encounter by sending alarms. You can even connect remotely to see the status of your concentrate dispenser and change settings as needed.

Advantages and benefits


Remote connection made possible by AgroCom V2 (optional)


Electric feeding by rail


Tumble brewing (does not break the fiber)


Distribution by stall or continuously


Complete management of the ration recipe


Stainless steel frame


Technical features

  • Possibility of 20 ingredients
  • Up to 4 direct feed hoppers (top dress)
  • 7 ” touch screen
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Capacity of 300 cows, 300 stalls and 100 pens
  • Distribution by stall or continuously
  • Possibility of 16 meals per day
  • Feed curve in distribution by stall
  • Distribution with conveyor to distribute on 2 sides
  • Electricity supply 240V by electrified rail


Direct feed compartment capacity:

  • SM1500/1550 : 0,97 ft3 / 27 L.
  • SM2000/2050; 1,27 ft3 / 35 L.
  • SM2500/2550: 1,58 ft3 / 48 L.

Warranty and after-sales service

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Excluded: wear and tear related to abuse. Jaylor parts are covered by Jaylor’s warranty. Some conditions apply.
  • Technical support is offered locally by your Agro Contact dealer

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