Wheeled dispenser and mixer

  • Wheeled dispenser and mixer

  • Length: 140 in (356 cm)

    Height: 90 in (229 cm)

    Width: 48 in (122 cm)

    Capacity: 91 cu.ft. (2.58 m3)


Matching Canadian technologies

We took the famous Jay-Lor 5100 vertical screw mixer and put Agro Contact’s guidance and automation technology into it. This resulted in a fully self-contained mixer and distributor. Using Honda gasoline engines and a set of batteries, the SMD5100 requires no electrical track or cable installation.

The AgroCom V2 ready wall panel will inform you in real time of any problems that your SMD5100 may encounter by sending alarms. You can even connect remotely to see the status of your concentrate dispenser and change some settings if needed.

Advantages and benefits


Increases milk production


Reduces feed costs


Allows you to stay connected to your feeder wherever you are


Keeps your alleys clean


Reliable movement under all conditions


A single machine mixes, distributes and pushes the feed


Technical features

  • Possibility of 20 ingredients
  • Possibility of 4 direct feed hoppers (top dress)
  • 7 “ touch screen
  • Polyethylene tank with reinforced steel floor
  • Capacity of 300 cows, 300 stalls and 100 pens
  • Distribution by stall or continuously
  • Possibility of 16 meals per day
  • Feed curve in distribution by stall
  • Distribution with conveyor to distribute on 2 sides
  • 24VDC power supply (electric power)
  • 4x 6V AGM batteries
  • 1x 12V battery for starting the gasoline engine
  • Honda GX690 22hp gasoline engine with electric start
  • Polyethylene tank with reinforced steel floor
  • 26 knives on the vertical screw


  • Height: 90 in (228 cm)
  • Length: 140 in (355 cm)
  • Width: 48 in (122 cm)
  • Weight: 5450 lbs (2472 kg)
  • Mixer capacity: 91 ft3 (2,57 m3)
  • Polyethylene tank thickness : 0,43 in / 1,1 cm
  • Direct feed compartment capacity: 1,8 ft3  (28 L.)


See curves and path for the SMD5100

Warranty and after-sales service

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Excluded: wear and tear related to abuse. Jaylor parts are covered by Jaylor’s warranty. Some conditions apply.
  • Technical support is offered locally by your Agro Contact dealer

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