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Agro Contact designs, manufactures, installs and distributes agricultural robots and feeders. These products allow you to improve your performance while reducing your workload. We offer you connected products to facilitate your daily operations.

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For more than 35 years, Agro Contact has been developing products at the cutting edge of technology to facilitate animal feeding tasks on farms.

Over the years, Agro Contact researched and developed new technologies to automate routine animal feed tasks on farms. Agro Contact has built a solid reputation for the quality and ease of use of its products. We are proud to participate in the success of agricultural businesses in Quebec.

Our values

Research and development

Our creative team regularly tests and validates different technologies and ways of doing things. This continual research allows us to stay abreast of the elements that allow us to improve our machines.


We continuously develop and improve our machines in order to continually offer you the most efficient machines on the market.


With the support of our dealers, we are able to offer an efficient and effective local service. Our technicians are always ready to help and advise you.


We take your feedback very seriously. Whether it is about our machines or our service, we are constantly evolving to serve you better.

Innovation at your service

Our mission is to support farmers by providing specialized animal feed equipment. This equipment is constantly being improved in order to be at the cutting edge of technology.


In addition, when we develop our equipment, we work to ensure that it is best suited to your needs and your reality.

Our expertise

Equip yourself with the best …

Discover the results of more than 35l years of automation research. High-performance products equipped with technology to match your ambitions.

Personalized and professional services

Working with us means offering yourself a service adapted to your reality. Our technicians and dealers are all ears in order to build a unique partnership focused on your needs. The goal is to simplify your operations and daily tasks.

Our evolution


Unveiling of the MC Feeder

Agro Contact, a subsidiary of Micro Contact, makes a name for itself with the unveiling of a revolutionary new machine: The MC Feeder, a robot whose power is controlled by an Apple IIE computer


The MC Feeder: 1988 Innovative Product Winner

Agro Contact wins the 1988 Innovative Product Award at the Salon de la PME in Montreal


Unveiling of the MV500 and the MV1000

The MV500 is an on-wheel machine which allows semi-automatic dispensing. The MV1000 is a more compact version of the MC Feeder. Dispensing is done volumetrically only, which speeds up dispensing.


Acquisition of the Agro Contact brand by Atelier Michel Soulière

Atelier Michel Soulière acquires the Agro Contact brand


Unveiling of the STAR

This machine allows the passage of fodder in front of the cows. They just have to take it as needed.


Relocation of the head office to Lyster

In order to simplify manufacturing operations, the head office of Agro Contact moved close to the Atelier Michel Soulière.


Acquisition of the Agro Contact brand by Predimach

Predimach inc. acquires the Agro Contact brand and products. New management takes over operations and the head office moves to Princeville.


Unveiling of the RF50

The RF50 fodder regrowth brings nearer feed refusals to make them accessible to animals


Unveiling of the DS series

A rail-mounted ration dispenser that allows rapid and efficient distribution


Unveiling of the SMD5100

A feeder and mixer designed in collaboration with Jaylor

Notre équipe

Martin Laflamme


William Laflamme

Mathieu Arsenault

Raphael Cloutier

Control department director

Marc-André Blondeau


Céline Coté

Administrative Assistant (Account and Billing)

Josée Bédard

Administrative Assistant (Buying and shipping)

Nicolas Beauregard


Jobs available

Electro-mechanical technicianFull-Time

The Electro-mechanical technician assembles the machines and the control panels. He takes care of the installations and repairs at the customers’ premises.

  • Daytime schedule
  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting social benefits

Mechanical designer

The mechanical designer performs the mechanical design of the various projects. He does the drawings and organizes the production files.

  • Daytime schedule
  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting social benefits


The welder-fitter assembles the frame and welds it properly. He does the mechanical assembly and in-factory tests. He participates in installations and repairs at customers’ premises

  • Daytime schedule
  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting social benefits

We are always on the lookout for enthusiasts like you.

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