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We want to support farmers by providing them with specialized animal feed equipment. This equipment is constantly being improved in order to be at the cutting edge of technology. In addition, when we develop our equipment, we work to ensure that it is best suited to your needs and your reality.

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Discover the results of several years of automation research. High-performance products equipped with technology to match your ambitions.


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Working with us means offering yourself a service adapted to your reality. Our technicians and dealers are all ears in order to build a unique partnership focused on your needs. The goal is to simplify your operations and daily tasks.

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AgroCom V2
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your machines

AgroCom V2 is a system that allows you to connect remotely to your devices, wherever you are. By logging into our website, with your username and password, you will have access to your AgroCom V2 ready machines. In addition, it is possible for Agro Contact technicians (or your dealer) to use the AgroCom V2 gateway to log in remotely and help you with your machine.

We repair
and maintain your

Our team is available to help you with any problem you may encounter with your Agro Contact machine. We are able to offer support with Agro Contact machines built within the past 30 years (certain conditions apply). Locally, an Agro Contact dealer can also help you with the maintenance and repair of your machine.

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If you need help or advice, our dealers are here to help.

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