Wheeled ration dispenser

  • Wheeled ration dispenser

  • Length: 146 in (3,7 m)

    Height : 88 in (2,23 m)

    Width : 56 in (1,42 m)

    Capacity : 94 cu.ft. (2,66 m3)


The evolution of the feeding cart

The DSR2550 is the evolution of the traditional feeding cart. It allows precise distribution of the ration at fixed and constant times. It can just as easily fetch the ration already prepared from a stationary mixer as he can fetch fodder directly from a silo or a conveyor. Thanks to its lithium battery specially designed for our machines, it is possible to know in real time the level of charge and the state of health of the battery. To ensure efficient battery charging, we use a high performance inductive charger. This contactless charger ensures safe charging without mechanical wear. The 2 charging plates can be located up to 2 inches (5 cm) apart without affecting the proper functioning of the charger. Plus our smart battery will notify you if it’s not receiving a charge when supposed to. This will allow you to intervene before having an impact on the distribution of the ration.

Thanks to the AgroCom V2 ready wall panel, you will be informed in real time of any problems that your DSR2550 may encounter thanks to the sending of alarms. You can even connect remotely to see the status of your machine and change certain settings if necessary

Advantages and benefits


Increases milk production


Reduces feed costs


Keeps alleys clean


Reliable movement under all conditions


Allows you to stay connected to your feeder wherever you are


Maintenance-free charging system


Technical features

• 45A inductive charger for wireless charging

• Scraper at the front and rear to push back the forage

• Large capacity lithium battery (48V 200Ah)

• Up to 4 direct feed hoppers (top dress)

• Remote connection possible thanks to AgroCom

• Distribution by the stall or continuously

• Distribution with conveyor to distribute on both sides


Length: 146 in (3,7 m)

Height : 88 in (2,23 m)

Width : 56 in (1,42 m)

Capacity : 94 cu.ft. (2,66 m3)

Warranty and after-sales service

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Excluded: wear and tear related to abuse. Some conditions apply.
  • Technical support is offered locally by your Agro Contact dealer

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